The RPO lifecycle

What is RPO?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is defined as the outsourcing of specific, discrete recruitment processes, performed in both centralized and decentralized applications, involving detailed service level agreements, with the vendor taking complete ownership of the processes of recruitment. Full life-cycle RPO engagements always include a written service-level agreement (SLA) that typically includes a guaranteed minimum number of applicants who meet the hiring managers approved criteria, candidate quality as determined by hiring manager surveys, the speed in which the hired candidates are presented and overall program cost.

The RPO lifecycle

Companies opt for RPO services based on the range of functions that they consider fit for outsourcing. For example, a client organization may decide to outsource its entire recruitment/hiring function for all hiring needs, including all skill sets and all job families within the organization. In this instance, the RPO provider acts as an extension of the organizationís HR function. This is termed as end-to-end RPO.

In the other type of RPO, a client organization decides to outsource certain job families and skills to the RPO provider, or it may outsource the expansion of a client's operations into defined geographies. This is termed as project-based RPO.

The service functions that an RPO player is involved in can be broadly classified into five main categories:

Consulting:This includes recruitment process design, competitive analysis, job design, market expansion support and technology planning. RPO providers are demonstrating the value-add that RPO can bring to an organization through their involvement in the planning phase of a client's human capital needs.

Sourcing and Screening: The candidate sourcing and screening process is very challenging; often, there are limited qualified candidates for open positions, but an abundance of irrelevant resumes. Sourcing and screening includes active and passive headhunting, referral handling, candidate tracking, placement and staffing agency coordination, market intelligence gathering and building recruiter domain knowledge and compiling screening tools. While the hiring decision remains an internal one, RPO providers help to support managers in a variety of ways to speed the hiring process.

Assessment: This is aimed at gaining valuable insight into candidate personalities and aptitude, prior to making a job offer. It requires specialists trained to conduct psychometric and aptitude testing, comprehension testing, verifying capacity and problem-solving, inspiration and motivation metrics, etc., helping the organization ensure a glove-fit for the positions.

Selection: This involves scheduling of interviews, database updating, compliance checking, logistics support, and offer/rejection letter composition. While the hiring decision remains an internal one, RPO providers support managers in a variety of ways to speed the hiring process.

On-boarding: This involves background checking, drug screening, employee orientation, employee record creation and data porting, and on-site and off-site logistics support. A broadened scope enables buyers to transfer many traditional internal on-boarding activities to RPO providers, further reducing cycle time.

Over the past few years, RPO services have been chiefly employed by IT, retail, finance and insurance and engineering sectors. The trend seems to be gaining ground not only among big organizations but also the small to mid-sized companies. Since RPO affects an organizationís business growth and success, the organization should have a detailed understanding of the concept and also of the expenditure for the recruitment process. This helps to identify the processes that should be outsourced, and which RPO is best suited to the unique requirement of the company.

Benefits of Resource Hunt Group Services

Cost savings

What does it cost you per month to support Job Boards, Staff/Recruiters, Infrastructure Expense, Employee Benefits, Utility Bills, and your own time? Our efficient process and economies of scale allow us to pass the savings along to you.

Outsource non-core functions (Save your time & Cost on recruitment)

In many organizations recruiters spend a majority of their time sorting through resumes in their inbox or finding candidates from job boards - over 60% of their time is spent in these areas. Outsourcing their non-core functions help save time and increase productivity levels. Many organizations today are considering recruiting process outsourcing (RPO) from India as one of the possible options to stay ahead and be competitive that helps save time and costs.

No Infrastructure Costs

Utilizing offshore recruiters allow you to free up capital that can be better allocated towards higher valued consulting activities. Our state of the art offices are equipped with everything a recruiter would need to perform his/her daily duties. We provide workstations, computers, static-free phone lines, and a fast DSL connection at no additional cost. We even pay for all telephone costs associated with your recruiters and provide them with a local US telephone number that matches your company location.

Quick Turnaround time

Our specialization in the field of recruiting allows us to process, screen, and deliver dedicated and qualified recruiters that reduce your time to hire Ė allowing you to focus on the core business line.

Expansion of Team

Expansion of Recruitment teams without any worries of employment contractual obligations or employment laws.

Other Benefits

  • Decrease in overall cost per recruitment
  • Focus more on core business line
  • Higher quality of service
  • Efficient use of resources